Testimonial from Big Winner at Yukon Gold Casino

Big Winner at Casinorewards Casinos

I won CA$16,000 on the game about 6 months ago and thought I would give it another shot! I like the fishing guy at the end who reels the money in! I don’t play with a strategy, I just hope for the best!

When I won, my first reaction was “Holy moley, I think I just won!” I was with my mom and kept saying “mom, mom, mom, mom, I think I won big!” She came over and saw and we both screamed “YAHOO!”

I am paying off my SUV I got last fall, so no more car payments, and I’m taking my sister and dad to a concert with really good floor seats!

The new games at Yukon Gold Casino are fun to try, but I stick to a few I found that have fun bonus rounds.

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